Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

What makes an entrepreneur?

Is it something from their childhood, a life changing experience or simply their personality that sets them up for success?

Our upcoming panel will attempt to answer these questions and discuss what parents can do to help their children build an entrepreneurial mindset.

This well-rounded panel of experts are here to engage with you and dive into queries that have been left unanswered in your mind.

How to encourage your child(ren) without killing their dreams, set up learning opportunities, and guide them through hiccups comes with knowing how to facilitate your child's experience.

Raising an entrepreneur is not only a lesson in patience, but trust. Trusting your child(ren) to forge their own path.

You won't have to worry about your child being prepared for the unknown future if they develop a creative, entrepreneurial mindset. They will have natural insights that many other children were never able to develop. And by helping them develop this, you'll know they have the tools to face many challenges that arise in their lives.

This panel was brought together to provide a well-rounded perspective into the journey of entrepreneurship, parenting, and encouraging self-directed learners.

inspirEd by Galileo Features Our Raising Entrepreneurs Panelists

Joining us from South Africa, Marisa van de Merwe is a seasoned "ed-preneur", a champion chess player, and founder and CEO of MiniChess, an EdTech platform for primary school aged children developing key skills through the metaphor of chess. Moves and counter moves, Marisa's MiniChess program develops spatial concepts, shape recognition, reasoning and gestalt, (the foundation for problem solving) as well as fine motor skills.

Her partner company MindCo geared to older teens, and university students, uses chess to demonstrate the importance of these skills in building effective and progressives. If you were a chess piece in a team, what would you be?

With us from the USA is Michael Cohen, otherwise known as The Tech Rabbi. Michael is an author, design thinking guru, a teen startup mentor, an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Trainer, Adobe Certified Trainer and has been ranked as one of today’s top 50 EdTech influencers (yeah, I think he's super cool too).

He is the founder of Dubbleup, a short term cohort based incubation program that helps teens between the ages of 15 and 19 launch the next great disruption. Michael's book "Educated by Design: Designing the Space to Experiment, Explore, and Extract Your Creative Potential" geared to educators, show us all that creativity is a mindset that anyone can develop.

To round out this outstanding group is my fellow Canadian Robyn Robertson, founder and host of the popular podcast "Honey! I'm Homeschooling the Kids" with guests by the likes of Peter Gray, Lenore Skenazy, Blake Boles, Pat Farenga, Julie Bogart and Kerry MacDonald.

Robyn is an entrepreneur, unschooling mom of two teens, seasoned world-schooler and public school board trustee. Her exploration through her podcast guests has brought a voice to the far reaching potential of self-directed education.

Learn How to Raise an Entrepreneur With Us!

Come join us in Clubhouse as we share stories, discuss potential, and debate the keys to building an entrepreneurial mindset. We'd love it if you jumped in with your own ideas and get inspirEd to raise an entrepreneur.

Sad you missed this one? It's ok! We've got plenty more events coming up. Just visit our event page to see which ones inspire you.

inspirEd by Galileo - Join the discussion on Clubhouse 👋 to learn how to build your dream family lifestyle & a deep love of learning.
Join the discussion on Clubhouse 👋 to learn how to build your dream family lifestyle & a deep love of learning.
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