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Our top authors

Kaya Lemaire

Copywriter, traveler, story-teller. Passionate about alternative forms of education and making the world a better place!


Writing about the future of education, creator economy and the distant future of work. Disrupting K12.

Heidi du Plessis

Heidi works as a facilitator in English Literacy and the marketing team at Galileo.

Michael Tsai

Proud UC Berkeley alum. One of Marc Andreessen's "55 Unknown Rock Stars of Tech". Education disruptor. Milpitas School Board Trustee. Views are my own

Esther Nagle

Esther enrolled her son in Galileo, and loved it so much she joined the team! She's a copywriter who loves to write engaging emails and blogs, and runs our parent book club and other events.

Alvaro Sanmartin Cid

I spend my life finding and testing better ways of learning & helping people to develop new skills. I've spent +10 years leading Ed-tech projects in EU and US, and you can find my work at Minds Studio

Stacey Piercey

Stacey Piercey is passionate about helping kids build an entrepreneurial mindset. Her program at Galileo has successfully taught hundreds of children from 6 to 18 how to start their own business.

Jessica McGough

Galileo educational facilitator, life-long learner, supporter of alternative education, twin mama, Bitcoin wife, and aspiring adventurer.

Caitlin van Wyk

Professional Writer and Unschooling Mom. Coffee, crochet, and creative writing are helping me navigate the chaos of motherhood as I learn to unlearn with my kids

Yho Mendez

Yho Mendez is a consultant, global citizen, and foodie. She serves as user researcher and innovation strategist to companies in several fields such as food tech, online learning and telemedicine.

Aimee Bobruk

Arts Education Director at Musician & Independent Filmmaker

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