Last week, we announced a couple of exciting changes happening within the school.

And the community has been buzzing with a ton of questions!

  • How would this change our daily lives, check-ins, etc.
  • What are the actual changes that are happening?”
  • How does this affect my kids’ work, learning, and the flow day-to-day?

I know you're curious about the new structures we are building. And how it all ties in with what the kids are currently doing.

You're also busy and need clear details to work out your daily schedules.

So we wanted to break it down.

Here’s what a typical day in the life of a soon-to-be Kubrian looks like with the upcoming changes:

What’s New and What’s Evolving

Mornings: Check-ins from Monday to Thursday, with Agora on Friday.

“Pods” are a new name, but it’s the same concept as the check-in group. During this time, the kids establish daily habits and check in with their core group.

They’ll socialize, work on their individual tasks, and also on shared projects. This is also their space to share and celebrate those amazing wins, no matter how big or small!

We doubled down on the goal of the pods to help your kids become independent learners. And these interactions also create wonderful friendships and stronger connections in the pods.

Then one hour of Game Playground.

The playground is designed to help your kids connect with other kids from around the world. They will rotate between Roblox on Mondays and Fridays and Minecraft EDU on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Afternoons: Student Clubs and more!

At this time, your kids can connect with their peers in the clubs. Clubs are here to help students connect based on their passion or interests.

They can also engage in individual learning with our Nanos or 1:1 with their coaches or tutors, or develop ‘maker skills’ in our bootcamps.

What’s Changing

  • Merch Studio, Intermediate French, and Academic Power Hour will no longer be available.
  • Music, Drama, and Readers Theater clubs are on hold, but we will bring these favorites back!
  • Minecraft EDU is now in Game Playground and available for gameplay only.
  • All studios in the LXPs will be redesigned as bootcamps.
  • Starting from May 12, 2022, English Literacy, Math, and Advanced Spanish will no longer be available. While from May 27, 2022, we will also pause French and 3D Modeling.
  • These LXPs will be available as personalized academic classes for kids who need or are interested in exploring them through 1:1 support. Get in touch with Len Loving for more information. We have exciting new ideas and plans to design new bootcamps to help the kids connect and develop 'creator skills'. Stay tuned for more!

That’s it!

We're confident that the kids will adjust quickly and adapt to the new routines with ease. And with your help and support, we can make these transitions successful!

It’s a new phase and a brighter future together.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for next week’s Agora for the upcoming Fireside Chats with Vlad and me on Zoom.

  • Thursday, May 12 – 7 am UTC (AS/OC/EU/AF) - NEW TIME one hour earlier!
  • Thursday, May 12 – 4 pm UTC (AMER)

Please reply with all your questions, suggestions, or excitement!

Or if you have a moment to let us know… how did we do? Share your thoughts right here. We will be reading every response.

To learning and connections!

💡 Our Big Vision for Kubrio

Last time, we covered how the school’s upgrades would affect your kids’ daily flow and learning activities.

Today, I want to share our big vision and how pods are at the core.

I remember just thinking about how different my life would have probably been if I had Galileo when I was 12!

A chance to be in charge and choose my learning experiences. An opportunity to explore the things I was passionate about while interacting with other kids all over the world.

That would have been a dream come true!

Our conversations sparked a new community, a movement if you like…

…that led to creating and hosting our Homeschool Global Summit in 2020.

And it has been an amazing adventure since then.

If you really think about it, the whole world has changed. So much. It’s like our lives did a complete 180.

We’ve become more aware of the need to connect and how special building relationships are, especially for our kids.

And this is the very foundation of reimagining the school as a global network.

The first question many parents asked when we started was, “how will my kids socialize?”

With structures like Agora, Playgrounds, Clubs, and Bootcamps, your kids can share and learn from each other.

They discuss concepts, work on projects, solve problems, and get peer support.

The pods (their current check-in groups) help them bond and create meaningful connections that will motivate them to keep moving forward.

The kids meet 4 times a week with their pods and do presentations using the Feynman Technique. We discovered that presentations are the best way to learn new concepts.

With the Feynman technique, the students:

  • Choose a concept or topic they want to learn about
  • Break it down in such a way that they can explain it to someone else
  • Self-reflect and fill in the gaps they might have missed
  • Review what they’ve learned

This opportunity is a strong foundation for building confidence, social learning, peer networking, and friendships.

Here’s what I mean:

One great part of the pods is that everyone participates because they are in small groups.

The students teach each other, and this inspires them to reconsider what they know and organize it in a way that makes sense for the other person.

It’s also a major confidence boost as it helps them realize how much knowledge they’ve mastered.

The system is also super helpful for new students. They get a good idea of what it’s like once they’ve mastered those concepts and skills…

…and learn from a peer who has recently been through the same process themselves.

This modeling and mentorship connection is very powerful!

In the end, they enjoy being in a stronger community of committed learners.

And that’s our vision for Kubrio.

The best is yet to come and we hope that this new phase broadens their learning horizons even more.

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You can also join our next Parent Agora on Thursday, May 12. Let’s chat about it.

To learning and connections!

A Snapshot of Friday’s Student Agora 📸

Do you remember standing up in front of the class for the first time to present your show and tell? How did it feel?

I bet it was exciting!

Nothing beats that special feeling of bringing in your favorite book, toy, or photo and telling your classmates about it.

That’s one reason why we designed the Agora—a space to discover new topics and challenges, to be inspired in unexpected ways, and to have their choices and voices heard.

The connection and collaboration in Agora are always phenomenal! 🔥

But with time, we have discovered something different…

We saw the kids react more positively to small group presentations. And that’s why we’re redesigning Fridays to be more personalized.

Agora on Friday will now be:

📌 1 hour with 3 rooms for non-gaming topics, Imagination Station with Ian, and other popular rooms for topic discovery.

📌 2 hours when we host Meet Your Mentor events.

📌 Also, social gaming will be daily instead. The students can play fun, educational games with guided support from learning coaches.

The new structure sets the stage for impactful social interaction.

During presentations, students talk about various topics and learn to value other opinions. Your kids become comfortable organizing their thoughts and talking with their peers.

It will boost their self-esteem, making them feel confident in their unique skills and knowledge.

And while the kids are having fun, they’re also connecting and building community.

Let us know what you think about this!

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  • Thursday, May 19 - The Future of Parent Community
  • Thursday, May 26 - Last Agora before summer and transition break

To learning and connections!