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Combining online learning with world travel can replace college entirely

Yes. You read that correctly.

Have you ever thought that maybe... College is inefficient? What if you could travel the world with other students and learn at the same time?

What if... the traditional system is just that: a tradition. Rather than something particularly useful in this modern world.

Since Galileo opened in 2019 we’ve heard this & more:

“How will my child sit down to pursue academic-esque pursuits if they don't go to school?”

“Will they be prepared for the working world?”

“I’m worried about them not being in school, but more scared that they will miss out on things that really matter in life.”

Did you think you were the only one with these questions rattling around in your head?

"How can I be sure my child will learn enough without college?"

Who decides what is ‘enough’?

The school system might encourage a curriculum but who is that for? Do your kids need to learn all those subjects that the traditional model sets out for them?

Maaaybe they can pass exams... but I know I passed exams, only to find all the knowledge fell out of my head the minute I left the exam room.

I know I’m not alone here... have you found a use for that Algebra yet?

When kids are interested in a subject, they will learn all there is to know about it. If you’ve ever lived with a Pokémon fan, you’ll know that the depth those kids can develop when engaged.  

Interest and inspiration will always lead to learning. The key is to make sure your kids can access the topics they are interested in.

This event was made for you if you know in your heart that college isn't the only way for your children to thrive and make something of their lives.

At the end of this event, parents will understand there are other ways for children to gain knowledge and experience (other than college). They will have more confidence when choosing alternative education if they understand there are other possible scenarios. Parents can finally picture, with clarity, that in the future their kids could have a new, amazing lifestyle.

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Joining us in this Clubhouse discussion is Zach Clenaghan from Edumadic, the partner program for those wishing to study or live abroad.

In late 2015, Zach set out on his own experiment of combining online education with world travel. Seven months and one broken leg later, Zach realized that this would have been so much easier with a community of fellow online learners around him.

The result of this epiphany is the company you see today. When Zach isn't building Edumadic, you can usually find him surfing, free diving, or being irritatingly curious about human behavior.

You can find Zach on Instagram @zachetcetc

Our host for this event is Vlad Stan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Galileo, the innovative, online, self-directed school for kids aged 8 to 18.

Vlad was inspired to invite Zach because he has plenty of experience with studying abroad and worldschooling, rather than pining after an expensive college diploma.

Exploring other cultures and meeting other people is incredibly important for our kids' personal development. It can help augment your view about life, about the world, and help develop qualities like empathy and global citizenship.

Colleges like Stanford and Harvard are so successful because they attract people from all over the world... but what if you can understand the real world by traveling while accessing world-class education at the same time?

Vlad's son is 18 now and they are actively looking for solutions, of which Zach's seems like a worthwhile option to explore.

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Register below for an engaging and lively discussion, town hall-style (that means questions are welcome!) in Clubhouse.

If you're thinking about college this can show you that a new lifestyle is possible, and I think this lifestyle is incredibly inspiring.

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