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Written by Daniel Prince, host of the Sir Ken Robinson tribute and worldschooling dad of two self-directed girls.

I think everybody remembers their first time.

The first time they watched Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity", that is.

I do, vividly, and it was life-shaping for our family.

It was late 2013, My wife and I were knee-deep in the research phase of attempting to figure out how we could change our lives. I wanted to quit my job and we wanted to leave the country, take our four kids out of school and travel the world with them.

It was a friend who sent us the link to his talk, she wanted to help us with our planning, she had recently seen the presentation herself.

We were perplexed by Sir Ken's astonishing performance. He delivered his speech with eloquence, humor and sincerity... we couldn't believe what we had just heard and seen. It didn't compute.

Here was an accomplished academic and professor of education telling us everything we had subliminally known for decades. School kills creativity.

It strangles original or critical thought out of young kids then fills them with STEM subjects. All for the gain of the institutions or governments that are handing down the curriculum. And at the expense of the wonderful, bright minds being pressured.

To say Sir Ken's talk was a critical piece of our life-changing road map puzzle would be a complete understatement. In truth, that talk has anchored our every move and decision about education ever since.

It freed us to think much wider and bigger about the education choices we have at our fingertips that we could use in which to expose our children. It gave us the confidence to 'go for it' and have that 'card' to pull each time we met detractors of our life decisions, homeschooling, self-directed education or world-schooling. We would aways counter: "Have you ever watched Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk?"

Sir Ken has delivered three Ted Talks and I recommend you watch them in the order that he delivered them. They flow superbly and you get to see how gradually, a wider audience were waking up to his messaging.

They say you should never meet your heroes.

I don't believe them anymore.

I had the wonderful pleasure to interview Sir Ken Robinson for the first Homeschooling Global Summit that I helped put on with Galileo founders Vlad Stan and Kelly Davis.

Sir Ken had seen a tweet about our event, which in 2019, was ahead of the curve of online summits and he was kind enough to write a nice paragraph about our upcoming event and retweeted our link. We were stunned, I jumped on my phone, flipped on the camera and filmed myself thanking him and invited him to join us.

Two days later Vlad and I were on a Zoom call going over some of the logistics of how the hell we were actually going to pull off this event... considering we were  winging it (and making it up) as we went, all seemed pretty surreal.

Then my DM on Twitter pinged...

It was Sir Ken.

We were stunned.

This was now as real as it was ever going to get and this engagement pushed us to deliver the best summit we possibly could. It also gave Vlad and Kelly the momentum to drive on after the Summit. We kept pushing the thought boundaries of what was possible with an online Self Directed Education platform.

Sir Ken's involvement brought more and more participation and out of nowhere our small team had created a successful summit, as well as the bedrock and foundations of what is now Galileo.

A year after Sir Ken's passing this session is to be a celebration of his life and work. A tribute to all those people around the world he has inspired.

All the projects like Galileo...

All the families felt that same sense of relief as we did.

All the kids who have benefited from those brave parents' decisions.

And all the teachers he has inspired to bring creativity and mentorship back into their classrooms!

On the 21st of August, we honored Sir Ken's memory at a very special event.

Join us in Clubhouse for the next inspirational, free events.

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