Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Bobby is a Galileo Parent, helping her kids learn from home with Galileo. She shares her own and her kids’ learning experiences within this new approach to education.

Galileo focuses on a “learning by doing” method that gives children the autonomy to choose their own project-based classes. Within this model, kids have ownership over their education and follow their passions and interests.

Bobby shares what it’s like to partner with Galileo and how her kids handle their course load. Learning is a process that her kids love because they get to carve their own paths.

Read on to hear about how to manage expectations in regards to course load and how to investigate new learning goals with your family.

Our family’s self-directed learning journey

It is the end of the month and my daughter enthusiastically shares all the clubs and activities she is planning to join.

Sitting at the kitchen table and working on her goals, she decides what is important for her to continue learning and what new things she would like to try.

I sit next to her and look at the schedule she is building. Gosh, there are so many clubs in Galileo and I start to think that sometimes it might be hard to choose which ones to attend, as they all offer great learning experiences and inspire for more.

Clubs and Bootcamps on offer at Galileo

I think one of the most popular questions from the Galileo parents is: how many clubs per day or week is the “right” amount?

My answer to that would be... there is no right number.

Every student is different and that is the beauty of self-directed education. The learner gets to design their own learning journey at their own pace, depending on their interests and passions.

Every club and offering that goes in your learner’s schedule needs to support the learning goals they have set for themselves. Ideally they also offer something new and challenging they have not tried before.

And again, there will be students who will choose one or two clubs a day, or on alternating days. There will also be students with as many as 3-5 clubs a day, every single day.

A sample Galileo student's schedule

When my daughter is choosing clubs I like to ask her questions, so that she can reflect on what she is learning at the moment.

For example, what skills and knowledge can she get from the clubs she adds to her daily schedule that will support her learning? And what would be the one thing she would like to try that will challenge her interests?

Going out of their comfort zone and trying a new club that has nothing to do with their current interests is the way your learner can challenge their learning experience and find something new that they get passionate about.

This develops their growth mindset and builds the habit of trying new things.

Galileo has plenty of amazing learning experiences on offer and can complement your child’s individual learning journey.

Every family is different, so don’t take Bobby’s experience as the ultimate rule, but use it as inspiration to find out what your family needs. Your learning journey is just as important as your kids’!

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