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Looking to refresh your perspective on language learning?

Have you ever wondered how to help kids learn while having fun? And potentially transform mundane activities into language learning projects that families can do at home?

We know that most people are not naturally motivated to learn languages. Otherwise everyone would be trilingual at minimum!

So, how can you motivate yourself or your kids to learn a new language? Even if you don't live in a country that speaks it.

Apps like Duolingo make language learning suuuuper convenient. But they still require that little extra effort. A little bit of..

Intrinsic motivation.

Being motivated from inner feelings of personal growth, achievement, and the like have been noted as the most effective form of motivation. Even though your kids might love stickers or candies now, the habit won't carry into their older years.

There are a few ways to approach the inevitable end to your young learner's extrinsic (candy) motivation. One of them could be discovered at our upcoming Clubhouse discussion with Len Loving and Yho Mendez from Galileo.

In this panel we'll discuss language learning and what that can look like for younger learners, including motivations for and approaches to learning a language that you don’t use at home.

You'll get actionable tips on how to keep your kids engage with language learning, how to help them choose a language, and facilitate their exploration of several until they find one they really like.

We hope that parents leave with a refreshed perspective on language learning and even possibly a self-directed take on language acquisition.

Learn how to Harness Intrinsic Motivation with Education Experts

Meet Len Loving. Our resident Anthropologist and one of our Learning Experience designers at Galileo.

Len Loving!

"Osiyo! Hello! My interest in languages began at six years old when my grandmother gave me an encyclopedia that compared different languages. It was such a magical moment for me, so I have been doing it ever since!

I can speak, read and write several languages, including Japanese. My interest in Japanese began when I started practicing traditional Jujutsu many years ago. I had to use Japanese in the dojo, thus began my interest in Japanese culture and language.

Academically, I am an anthropologist with a focus on culture and language. My lifelong language pursuits have put me in a variety of classrooms as a student and a teacher, from charter to public schools, elementary to university. I've also dived into government where I had to adopt new thinking and techniques for acquiring and teaching language.

I am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and as a registered Native American, learning and preserving our language is a primary motivator. The same goes for my daughter, so we share the same language goals for Cherokee or Tsalagi. Wado! Thank you."

Our host for this event is Yho Mendez, the Learning Experience Architect at Galileo and longtime self-directed educator.

Yho Mendez!

Yho is a consultant, global citizen, and foodie and speaks 3.75 languages. She is a native Spanish speaker and learned English, French, Italian, and German through self-study.

Yho never liked learning languages until she had the chance to study and work abroad! She believes effective language learning is an experience that should be fun, engaging and, more importantly, continuous.

The event with Yho and Len is part of the series Skills From the Future, because we know that speaking many languages opens up possibilities in a kid's life. Like the chance to really understand and experience the world in another person's shoes. If nothing else, it helps students develop empathy... such an important skill in our tech-driven world.

The event was created to inspire parents and students alike to never give up on learning a foreign language, even if you already know a few!

Sad you missed this one? Never fear! We have more events coming up, some that you might just love. Check out the selection here.

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