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Galileo’s Upcoming Online Hackathon

Kristen Montesano is the Director of Tech Learning at Galileo. She and the team are organizing multiple hackathons each year with the self-directed students at Galileo. Join Kristen in welcoming these amazing projects and ideas from the students.

Hackathons are a great way to build a project from start to finish fast. For those who are learning and actively building their tech skills, it’s one of the best ways to apply those skills in a new way!

Galileo is excited to host our very own hackathon for students around the world aged 8-18.

The students who have been building their technology skills through self-directed learning and attending our clubs and bootcamps can put them to the test. They will be able to apply those skills to a new, exhilarating, and fun project.

How will the online hackathon work?

Our virtual hackathon will be a weeklong endeavor, taking place from Nevember 1st-5th. The theme will be announced on Monday, the 1st, after which students can build a project relating to that theme throughout the week. The students will submit their creative ideation by Friday, the 5th.

Students are encouraged to work in teams and will have full creative freedom in their projects. So long as they are based around the theme, created only during the week of the Hackathon, and result in a tech-focused project.

A week may seem like a short amount of time to start and finish a full project - but that is the point!

Coming up with a creative idea that students believe they can execute in just a week is part of the challenge. Students are encouraged to consider the short timeline when deciding on their projects.

Because of the short timeframe, hackathons allow participants to go all-in on an idea without a huge time commitment (for instance, building a video game as a personal project can take months) in a low-risk, high-payoff environment. The feeling of creating an entire project in such a short time frame can only be described as exhilarating.

For the whole week, Galileo will be hosting activities that participating students can join, including...

team creation,

workshops on topics such as ideation and problem solving,

live office hours for help on projects,

co-working sessions, and more.

Students can participate in as few or as many as they like.

Once the project submission deadline has passed, there will be an open voting time where participants and others can test out and rate projects on the Hackathon criteria. The top votes will go to a panel of guest judges to determine a winning project. Each member of the winning team will receive a prize!

We are excited to run our first online Hackathon and offer this fun, project-based tech experience for our students. We hope you will follow along with this journey and test out some of the projects yourself.

Keep an eye out for the final products! We will be releasing the student’s creations on our Learning Network after submissions close.

In the meantime… Join us on the Free Learning Network to see what else our students are getting up to, and how you can get involved.

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