Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

The education landscape is changing. Learning models are moving toward a more hybrid-orientated direction. Online learning is being coupled with smaller, in-person learning groups and the overall structures are becoming more and more flexible. Amar Kumar believes that the future of learning will most definitely be a hybrid model. Amar Kumar is an education entrepreneur who is passionate about making learning more personal, more social, and more engaging. He is the founder of KaiPod Learning, where small group learning is paired with online schools to deliver a new type of learning experience. In his past experience, Amar was the Chief Product Officer for Pearson's Online K-12 division. He has also been a school teacher and a principal at a high-needs rural school in India. In this episode, Amar discusses the future of hybrid online and in-person learning as well as what he’s learned about the hybrid learning space through Kaipod Learning.

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