Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Imagine you could spend 14 years travelling the world and seeing 48 different countries. Now imagine doing that with 3 kids and worldschooling them in the process. Well, this was the life of Behan and Jamie Gifford!

We spoke to Jamie about her experience with worldschooling and any advice that she had to share with others who were curious or considering worldschooling for their own families.

One of the main pieces of advice that Behan had to share was that the experience is always going to feel intimidating, but you just need to push through the fear. She shares:

“I'm 14 years in, and I still experience fear. But I think it's a healthy fear now. We know it works out. But it is also a constant evolution. You just have to be aware and involved in it and work on it. You don't just suddenly work. There's not a magic moment where everything is easy and good.”

In this conversation, Behan shares how her children have integrated back into the education system for college.

Happy listening and learning!

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