Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

In this episode, we’ll hear from education entrepreneur, Christopher Pommerening, in a conversation about the importance of fostering a lifelong love of learning and how this can be achieved alongside our existing education structures. Christopher Pommerening is the Founder of Learnlife. Learnlife is an open ecosystem that facilitates lifelong learning alongside new and traditional education systems. In collaboration with education thought leaders, Learnlife is developing new learning elements, learning spaces, and learning technologies that are responsive to the inspirations, needs, and challenges of today's children and future generations to come. Learnlife’s impact goal is to empower 100 million Learners, 5 million Learning Guides and 100,000 Learnhub Teams to experience the new paradigm for learning that is suited to the rapid and evolving changes in our world and societies by 2030.

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