Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

It is a new age in education. Society is seeing that teachers are aware of curriculum needs but also have a unique insight into the needs of individuals. The motivation is no longer to shuffle students through the traditional system but to develop spark and creativity in students.“What can happen in a textbook?” questions Denise Newsome in this episode on educator independence and impact. Denise is an inspiring online instructor who discusses how to make a difference in students’ lives through teacher liberation. Instructors may struggle with a lack of resources which results in their feeling overwhelmed. In “The Elephant in the Teacher’s Room”, Denise shares innovative approaches to evolving education that frees the calendar, builds a connection with the kids, and lifts the community in creative ways. To give students the skills to solve complex problems, teachers need time to serve as both educators and mentors, and they can leave no one behind. This time can be found in virtual freelancing through the many tools that facilitate content creation and help turn the teaching side hustle into a full-time gig. Educators can develop their own pathway toward entrepreneurship. Denise shares how to step away from the fears of saying goodbye to school buildings. She encourages teachers to take the next leap by relying on their community and letting go of ideas about what’s “right”. There are many opportunities and teachers have much to contribute.

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