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Have you ever wondered how young is too young to start encouraging entrepreneurial skills development with your kids? Well, we’ve got the answer.

According to entrepreneurial education expert and author Dr. Birgitte Wraae, kids are never too young to start learning these skills. This isn’t necessarily because all kids should be starting a business (although that’s not a bad idea either!), but because entrepreneurial skills teach important life skills.

So why are these skills so important? Dr. Wraae shares:

“I started out thinking that entrepreneurship was focused only around the business plan, learning how to do a business plan, and winning competitions. Then gradually, I realized that this is not why I'm teaching. What I was actually doing was developing people.

I wanted to have students leave my classroom thinking that they have gained some skills, some self-confidence, and more knowledge about themselves. Most of all, I wanted to teach them that they could work as change agents, no matter the choice of career.”

In this episode, we dive deeper into why these skills are crucial and how you can start developing them with your kids.

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