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Children's business fairs are often the spark that gets kids thinking about what's possible. Lovebites and smoothies hit their first high when they participated in kids’ biz fair Africa (Dec 2019), the first kids’ biz fair in Nigeria. Interested in creating a food-based business, these sibling young entrepreneurs started Lovebites and Smoothies, offering great tasting healthy food without necessarily seeing or tasting the greens. Having watched their parents grill chicken on a regular basis, these two agreed on adding barbecue to the drinks to have a complete meal. With the CEO’s love for sandwiches, it was only a matter of days before sandwiches became a part of Lovebites and Smoothies offerings. Amazed at their own success, Elijah and Jemimah not only sold out during their first sale making ₦68,000 NGN (~ $175.00 USD) but also won an award for the Best Sales Pitch at the fair. The key insight was finding their markets and planning ahead. Business only got better from there. With a gifted blender and some new markets to test, Lovebites and Smoothies are set to finish their first year in business with a whirl of success!

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