Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

What are the reasons you are home educating your children? It could be because you want to travel the world. Maybe Covid shutdowns showed you a better way for your kids. Maybe you know school failed you, and you want better for your kids… there are as many reasons for opting out of the system as there are people doing it.​Whether you live as a world traveler, single parent, neuro-diverse learner, entrepreneur, or overall rule-breaker, we all benefit from sharing our obstacles, successes, and consternations. ​Each and every one of our families has a question to ask or an answer to share. They are rejecting the demands of society that they conform to expected norms, and creating the life they want to live, the life that works best for them as individuals and as a family. In this latest episode, some of the Galileo moms spoke about the world of online gaming, their experiences with their own children, and the immense benefits that are often overlooked.

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