Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

For many parents considering some kind of unschooling approach outside of a traditional school, there is always one common, overarching concern. Many parents want to ensure that their children have the option to attend a college, university, or another kind of tertiary institution when they’re older. Additionally, parents also worry if their unschooling children will have the same opportunities for higher education as traditionally schooled students. However, for many of these options, students are required to present transcripts and have a record of some sort of institutionally ‘accredited’ education. In this inspirEd conversation, the Galileo moms speak to Peggy Webb from West River Academy. Galileo has been working with West River Academy for a number of years to help our students with transcripts for their education. As Director of West River Academy since 1993, Peggy has watched the growth of homeschooling, including unschooling, not only in the US but throughout the world. We will also be joined by 19-year-old West River Academy graduate, Damian Tegheni. Damien graduated from West River Academy in 2021 and has been with the academy since 2013.

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