Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Self-Directed Education and Unschooling are not the norms in today’s world. Additionally, it’s not always the easiest option for educating our children.  Although a homeschooling environment provides us with what traditional education systems often lack, alternative education is not without its own challenges. Let’s admit the envy we feel when our friends’ children leave the house in the morning and return 7 hours later. When we make this choice, we take on a terrific responsibility. Why do we do this? How do we get comfortable breaking the expectations of society and forging our own paths? How will our children be different or better off than traditionally educated students?

Why, oh why, should our own parents support our crazy notions when we turned out “just fine”?

Hear from a group of Galileo moms who are all at different stages of the unschooling journey as we talk about growing confident with our decision to engross our families in self-directed education.

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