Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Within all of us is a unique confluence of what we love, what we're good at, and what we can contribute to our community. We carry around unconscious ideas about the limits of our abilities, but no one's success is predetermined.

Prolific author and Stanford graduate Dr. Gay Hendricks brings us a profound understanding of why people set upper limits for themselves. He will tell us how to test those limits through exploring inborn power and how to commit to embracing a version of ourselves that moves beyond these imaginary boundaries. Gay believes that by removing these self-imposed ideas, we can expand our potential and ultimately find greater achievement and joy.

Gay is a leader in the field of relationship transformation. He has been practising psychology since 1974 and has written more than 40 highly-rated books on subjects like wish fulfilment, overcoming internal obstacles, and clearing away unconscious patterns that hinder prosperity. He believes in the power of intention and aims to nudge us into our particular zones of genius.

Transcending the invisible ceiling will take you to a place where your practised strengths and intrinsic gifts shine a bright light on what is wholly you. Join us to learn how to expand your enjoyment by existing to your full potential every day.

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