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When Isabel started in the How to Start Your Own Business program she was on fire! Her greatest challenge was narrowing down the ideas to one she could prototype in a week and complete in time for the business fair. Isabel arrived at the business fair with birdseed feeders (for several different types of birds) and scented eye pillows (with several options and variations). Because she simply couldn’t let go of any single option and they fit the rules!

The business was appropriately named “Isabel’s Everythings”.

Isabel went on to create more products and now rents her own tables at other market fairs. At the time of this interview, she had moved on to dog and cat treats.
Her latest venture "Kitty Buddy Business" is a cat sitting and care business. How does she advertise? While she sells her dog and cat treats at markets of course.
Isabel has developed a keen understanding of customer behavior and applies her selling experience to every new opportunity.

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