Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Self-directed learning is a core component of most forms of alternative education. Did you know that this is based on the self-determination theory? Self-determination theory is a macro theory of human motivation and personality that concerns people's inherent growth tendencies and innate psychological needs. It is concerned with the motivation behind choices people make without external influence and interference. We’ll be joined by two Educational Entrepreneurs, Jon Tan, and Jai Flicker, to discuss self-determination theory and how this relates to a student’s relationship with learning and their education. Jon Tan is an Education Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Obama Leader at the Obama Foundation. He has founded two impact-driven edtech companies, Saturday Kids and Doyobi, that work to inspire kids to become curious, self-directed learners, to become original thinkers, and to lead a life with a sense of purpose. Jai Flicker has worked in the education space since 1999, where he discovered his love for teaching and working with young people. In 2004, Jai founded his own educational practice, LifeWorks Learning Center, based on the idea that teens need more than just academic support to thrive. Since then, Jai has developed and refined his approach to working with teens, drawing upon the latest research in child development and attachment theory to deepen his impact.

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