Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Education is becoming more and more accessible thanks to today’s incredible tech innovations and movement towards hybrid learning models. However, it’s one thing to deliver quality education, but it's another thing to deliver quality education at scale. So how can we ensure that education is scaled without losing its quality? Joseph Connor will be answering this question in our upcoming event.
Joseph is the Founder and CEO of Agora, the leading platform for managing education savings accounts. Prior to starting Agora, Joseph founded and ran SchoolHouse, a network of micro-schools.
He scaled the network to 50 schools in 10 states serving several hundred students. Joseph started his career as a teacher and school leader at the KIPP and Rocketship Education charter school networks. He has also worked as legal counsel for school organizations and companies including Match Education, AltSchool, the Notre Dame Ace Academies, Prenda, and Primer. Join Joseph Connor and Vlad Stan for a conversation about how we can scale our existing education models without compromising on quality.

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