Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Julie Atri was dissatisfied with what the traditional education system could offer her daughter. Julie wanted her daughter to be her own individual and wanted to provide a supportive environment for her to become herself. As such, Julie removed her daughter from school and allowed her to start self-directed learning at Galileo immediately. At first, it was a struggle for her daughter to come to terms with directing her own education and she was unable to make her own choices for her learning. But quickly, Julie’s daughter was able to understand that she could have the freedom to learn what she wanted to through her own interest-led learning. Julie encourages parents to have self-reflection and think about what they want their children to become. She stands by the belief that ‘kids don't come with a manual, so read a lot of books and the more you learn and let it happen, you will know ‘what should I do?’. In this episode, Julie shares her experiences with transitioning to self-directed learning, how to support your child through it as well as how to empower them to thrive as a human being.

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