Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Parents are motivated to understand and support their children’s needs in a non-traditional school setting.  1:1 mentoring provides parents a pathway to foster skill development and creative thinking in their home-based students. Len Loving is a Learning Experience Designer who has all the answers to your burning 1:1 teaching questions. He is passionate about the “freedom to learn” and self-directed education that affirms a child’s imagination and inspires a lifelong thirst for knowledge. He focuses on encouraging the hard questions, not arriving at common answers. Len has been teaching for 30 years in subjects like music, languages, anthropology, and debate. He currently instructs in a hybrid format and is based in Japan. Len strives to improve education globally by leveraging technology to stimulate learning. Tutoring allows independent students to apply their innate abilities with confidence and creativity through individualized teaching support. Len will talk about how 1:1 mentoring looks different from group instruction, what it could mean for your child, and how to implement the practice in your home.

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