Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Lizz Quain is a digital nomad and worldschooling solo parent to 12-year-old twin girls. She is passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. Lizz has traveled to, or lived in, over 45 countries throughout 6 continents. She and her twins have been traveling for most of the past 4 1/2 years visiting or living in 14 countries. Prior to embarking upon this amazing lifestyle, Lizz launched and ran a large children’s play café and preschool for several years outside of Seattle. She also has many years of experience in sales and marketing roles working in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.  In the past few years, Lizz has sold products on Amazon, taught English online, consulted on sales and marketing projects, and coached parents who want to live a location-independent lifestyle. Lizz’s twins have been enrolled in Galileo for over a year and it's the best way they've ever learned. Her aim is to raise her children to become free-thinking entrepreneurs and tech-savvy global citizens.

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