Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

The Edupreneur Academy is a space for parents, educators, and anyone interested in learning experiences to understand how to support learners in discovering and following their interests and passions. The Edupreneur Academy offers a number of different programs that are all related to upskilling in the field of education and self-directed learning.

Mary-Ellen has been involved in the self-directed learning and unschooling space for several years, as both a student and a teacher. She noticed that the most common hurdles experienced by families starting on this journey is that they don’t have a realistic idea of what to expect from the self-directed learning experience. Mary-Ellen says: “Many parents who are new to self-directed learning think that they can work on deschooling or unschooling for a little bit after leaving school and then all of a sudden their kid will be interested in science and everything takes off and is perfect.”

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mary-Ellen wanted to design an applied self-directed learning course that helped parents and educators to understand what it takes to go through a self-directed learning process so that they can better support their children.

“For kids who've been in school for a long time, there's a lot of anxiety that comes with being able to choose whatever you want to learn about. One thing that we talk a lot about in the course is how we can support kids  in this, but also how we can be empathetic to the fact that when you can choose literally anything, sometimes you do need a little bit of direction to help spark ideas and interests.”

This episode unpacks why it’s important for parents and educators to have this perspective for transitioning into self-directed learning environments, as well as some of Mary-Ellen’s top tips.  Happy listening and learning!

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