Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Education as we know it has evolved radically from what it used to be. We’ve moved from an era of books and lectures to knowledge at the click of a button. This huge paradigm shift also circles around what learners need and want to learn.
In order to understand where we are heading, it's important to see how far we've come. History provides us deeper insight into the decisions that were made in education in the past. This understanding shows us how we can learn from our failures and triumphs to redesign education. Today, we are challenged to think about change. What does the future hold for the next generation? How can we inspire our learners with interesting and significant knowledge? How can we remain relevant in the digital age? What type of education do we need for a future we can’t predict? Dr. Matt Bateman is the Vice President of Pedagogy at Higher Ground Eduation, where he oversees intellectual and pedagogical oversight across the organization. He is involved with the development of new programs, such as language immersion and high school. He is also passionate about sharing his knowledge of educational philosophy with researchers and the larger educational community.

In this episode, Matt discusses the past and potential future of our educational landscape.

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