Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Matthew Milan has spent the last 20 years solving tough software innovation challenges for a wide range of organizations. The team at Normative, a company he co-founded in Toronto Canada, has launched major products in financial services, location technology, healthcare, and digital video. He focuses on integrating evidence-driven innovation techniques with a customer development mindset. In this episode, we discovered a common children experience - failing up - where the school system deems you are not their star pupil, and as a result, you drift through mediocre grades and a complete lack of interest in anything you are learning. It was when he watched his own daughter go through the same painful experience of being told what she was allowed to learn, the whole family went on a path of discovery down the homeschool, and eventually the unschool rabbit hole. Now living with his wife and three children in British Columbia Canada to bring his eldest daughter closer to her passion for Freeskiiig (a specific type of alpine skiing, which involves tricks, jumps, and terrain park features), Matthew explains why the world needs independent critical thinkers and how that impacts innovation.

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