Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

​No matter what age, every child has their own unique way of thinking, learning, and seeing the world. So how can we better connect with and support them without inserting our own opinions, ideas, and expectations on them? ​As an unschooling parent, it’s important to continuously evolve and reevaluate your own ways of thinking and frames of reference in order to keep up! ​Pam Laricchia is a long-time unschooling mom from Canada who loves exploring unschooling and sharing the fascinating things she’s discovered about learning and parenting along the way. She hosts the weekly Exploring Unschooling podcast and recently created The Living Joyfully Network online community, bringing together unschooling parents to support and learn from each other to question and explore many of the conventional beliefs around learning and parenting. In this episode, Pam will share why all parents have blindspots and how parents can reevaluate their own learning processes and reinvigorate a joyful and fruitful relationship with learning and unschooling.

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