Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Are you considering an unschooling approach for your children? If you are, chances are you have a lot of doubts, questions, and concerns. Our first piece of advice: don’t stress! This is completely normal. We’ve pulled together a team of experts to answer your burning questions. In this latest episode, we are joined by Gina Riley, Ph.D. who is a Clinical Professor as well as unschooling expert, Pat Farenga with more than 34 years of fieldwork and advocacy, as well as veteran revel educator, Peter Bergson. Dr. Riley has spent over 15yrs working with teens diagnosed with learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders. She is also a seasoned academic in the fields of special education, #psychology, school psychology, and mental health counseling.

Whether you are already in the unschooling process or are thinking about starting, this episode sheds light on the homeschooling experience.

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