Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

When Rowan joined his first class of How to Start Your Own Business he was only six and thought he would like to sell ice cream which he would make on-demand with bicycle power. Wow! In the next class, each student was to bring a prototype of their idea and pitch it to the class. Rowan showed up with Ketchup. Somewhere in the process of working through this at home, he discovered the limitations, both logistically and legally, of his ice cream idea. But I think he always had a food-based business in mind. His parents offered an alternative idea, a family organic homemade ketchup recipe which was a favorite of Rowan’s. This allowed him to produce a prototype in a week, and it met his unique business offering of providing an environmentally friendly food option. This idea evolved into a thriving business he continued for several years.

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