Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Just as we’re coming to terms with the World Wide Web, something new is emerging: Web3. ​Web3 is an idea for a completely new iteration of the World Wide Web that we know and currently use. This new structure will be based on blockchains and will be connected to decentralization and token-based economics (like NFTs and Cryptocurrency). Sergii Sokoliuk is an entrepreneur and marketing professional who is passionate about helping people stay on top of the latest market trends, specifically when it comes to tech, bitcoin, crypto, NFTs, and Web3. Sergii has more than a decade of experience across big corporations and startups as well as his own ventures. He is an entrepreneur at heart, where he founded or co-founded four companies, with the first one at the age of 16. In this episode, Sergii will discuss the state and development of Web3 and how this could impact the education space.

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