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Poetry begs its audience to lean in closer to language, sound, and emotion. It provides children the freedom to positively explore and express feelings and it teaches practice and patience in a playful yet poignant way. A career in writing is one that is inspired and impactful.

Tasmin Hansmann is a published author who is passionate about encouraging the pursuit of a career in the arts. She believes poetry is a powerful tool that allows students to develop their voice which can be a catalyst for social change. Her poetry collection “The Anatomy of Waves” and her novella “Welcome Home Dear Soul” came out last year and she is the founder of Azorean Stories.

Tasmin is a Galileo collaborator and host of the “Poetry for Beginners” nano where she covers poetic invention, form, flow, dealing with failure, and publication. She stimulates learners to embrace the happiness and influence of being an entrepreneurial writer.

Join us for this event where Tasmin shares her inspirational and motivational journey of raising awareness and finding success through professional writing.

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