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Brett is one of the self-directed students at Galileo. He is bright and an excellent writer!

Brett thought it would be helpful to write something all students can resonate with. Joining anything new is fun but it can be terrifying, therefore we have a handy helping guide to smooth things out.

Thank you, Brett!  

How can I meet other students?

There are quite a few ways to make new friends at Galileo.

First off, your daily check-ins will have Connection Activities, where you can chat or play games with fellow students. Keep in mind however that check-ins are only 30 minutes long each day - you may want to consider connecting with your Galileo friends using other services such as Zoom, Skype, Discord (ages 13+), or other social media.

You can also connect with others during Clubs, Bootcamps, and while chatting in the Student’s Lobby.

Your First Presentation

Presentations are a fun way to show off what you’re learning to your fellow students. They can be a bit of a daunting thought at first, but fear not - here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

What Tools Should I Use For My Presentation?

Ultimately, it depends on what you’re presenting.

Screen Sharing and talking are the basis for it, though it helps to write out what you want to say- for that you can use Google Slides, a free online tool which allows you to show writing, pictures, and other media.

For games, music, and other subjects that need sound, make sure you can screen share the video and audio!

You Don’t Have to Be Fancy!

Your presentation isn’t required to be high quality, the main goal is just to show off what you’ve been working on! Of course, making it pretty is a nice touch, but it’s still completely optional.

You Can Present About... Anything!

Presentations don’t have to be about numbers and words. They can be about whatever you’d like!

You can present your artwork, a Minecraft world, or the history of the Wild West. Whatever you’re interested in that you can show off, feel free to show it.

Don’t take too long!

It’s hard sometimes to know when to stop talking, especially when the subject is something you’re passionate about.

Keep in mind though, check-ins are 30 minutes, and sometimes you won’t be the only one presenting your ideas. Know what you want to say so that you don’t go overboard!

Just Be Yourself!

No one’s here to judge your interests, they’re here to listen and ask questions. Take a deep breath and show off what you love!

Brett is 18 and currently interested in character design, worldbuilding, and writing. He also does modding stuff for the game Celeste.

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