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You seem to think that pretty much all problems come down to knowledge problems... that there's nothing in life that can't be improved by getting your "study game" on . Do you fundamentally believe that knowledge (or gaining more and better information) is truly the biggest problem solver in the world?

I look at knowledge as awareness, mindfulness, consciousness, ability. That's what knowledge is, right?

Like you know how to swim, or you know how to code, or you know how to communicate to a person in a way that that is amicable. It's the ability to be aware of something, or create something, or do something.

Whereas that's a distinction between the ways in which we acquire knowledge, so reading books is one way, or just getting on the bicycle and falling on your face as you're trying to figure out how to ride it. Trying to start a business and making some mistakes that's one way, investing in the market and losing some money that's one way.

I don't equate knowledge with any particular way of acquiring it so I wouldn't say that reading books is THE solution to all problems.

Come on TK, I know you. Be honest! Deep down you kind of think that reading books is the solution...

Reading is as close to a religion as you could get for me, right? I can't support it philosophically but in my personal life I basically solve all problems with reading. Yeah i can't rationally justify it but my emotional belief is that reading is everything, and it can solve all your problems - but i wouldn't say that in public.

What I would say is that if you look at at the pursuit of knowledge as something that goes beyond books. It's something that can happen in conversation and by getting outside and playing and doing competitive sports and a host of other things...

..Then yeah I think you can boil down all solutions as as being knowledge solutions it's something you need to be aware of or mindful of that that you're missing.

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