Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

What was your relationship to education as a concept when you were a kid? And how has that changed over the years?

I've always seen education as a term that was synonymous with personal growth or spiritual evolution if you will. I never saw education as something that was inseparable from the particular institutions or organizations where schooling happens.

I started to roll my eyes later on in life when I realized that when people said that what they specifically meant was something like, "you've got to get a degree or you've got to go to a certain type of school".

I've always seen school as a subset of education, and education has this larger, broader thing. And I've always seen the primary purpose for education being selfish.

Like you're doing this to avoid getting in trouble with the big, powerful older people in your life. You're doing this because, like every other human being that will ever live, you have results that you want to create.

You have dreams that you want to fulfill.

You have desires that you want to manifest.

And you want to understand how the world works, how people work. Having access to new perspectives just increases your ability to create what matters to you.

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