Education Redesigned for Forward-Thinking Families

Learn how this family decentralized their life with Bitcoin and worldschooling

Have you ever imagined a completely different lifestyle for your family? Perhaps one of minimalism, decentralization, and adventure?

Have you considered embarking on a nomadic journey that allows for rich learning of the world around you, flexibility, and unforgettable experiences?

If so, then you have come to the perfect place! You also have a great deal in common with many of our amazing Galileo families.

Galileo parents Didi Taihuttu and his wife Romaine shared their remarkable story with us about how they and their three daughters Joli, Juna, and Jessa transformed their lives and became known as “The Bitcoin Family.”

This brave and adventurous family decided to sell their home and ditch all of their belongings for a life of travel, exploration, fun, and of course, Bitcoin.

What does the Taihuttu family’s life entail?

Well, they are oftentimes on beaches around the world, mingling with the locals, and educating people about economic decentralization and Bitcoin in particular. They visit people, companies, and conferences to share their knowledge about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and educate charities on how to accept Bitcoin for donations.

To learn more about Didi and his family’s travel and work, check out their website here.

Some might be curious about what Bitcoin is exactly. Bitcoin is a global, decentralized, digital currency, not associated with the government. Many of our Galileo families are huge fans of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. So if one of your mantras is “HODL”, you may have found your niche.

Now let’s get into what one of our resident Galileo Bitcoin families has to say about their truly astounding lifestyle.

How they started their decentralized journey

In 2016, Didi’s father passed away from cancer and Didi realized that he did not want to continue life with his family the way they were currently living it. He was experiencing burn-out and wanted something different for his family moving forward.

The Taihuttu family sold their home and possessions for Bitcoin and set off to travel for a few months. Well, as you may have guessed, a few months turned into several years. This adventurous family is still living a nomadic lifestyle and loves it.

The Taihuttus have become popularly known as “The Bitcoin Family,” as they travel around the world using Bitcoin as their currency.

Didi shares his Bitcoin ventures regularly on social media and on several podcasts. He has even written a book entitled (yes, you guessed it) “The Bitcoin Family,” which is available in German and Dutch and will soon also be available in English.

Decentralization in education through worldschooling

As the Taihuttu family set out on their nomadic adventure, they decided to allow their daughters time to deschool due to their frustrations with the education system. They wanted to take time to analyze their lives through travel.

Didi mentions that the government’s centralized education system encourages the accumulation of wealth as life’s goal. He feels it creates robot-like individuals made to believe that money and possessions are the road to happiness. Didi’s family has found that this notion is completely untrue.

With this in mind, Didi and Romaine decided to embrace deschooling and unschooling for about the first year of their family’s travel. They hit the reset button.

Their family used the environments they were exploring and the experiences they were having to learn. This is a method of education that numerous worldschoolers and digital nomads use.

Learning about Galileo: Partner to their decentralized, remote-first life

After some time, the Taihuttu family’s educational experience evolved from unschooling to one of a bit more structure.

Didi and Romaine asked their daughters to write reports about the countries they had visited- including facts, likes and dislikes, and more. This proved to be a nice project for the children to work on and was also relevant to the life they were living.

Didi went to be a keynote speaker, something he does regularly, at an event in Mallorca, Spain. There, he met Vlad Stan, co-founder and CEO of Galileo. Vlad informed Didi about what he was building with Galileo. It became apparent that their visions for education were in alignment.

After three years of searching for an educational option for their daughters that fit their family’s fluid lifestyle, Didi and Romaine felt enthusiastic about Galileo’s offerings.

Didi admits that he was a bit skeptical at the onset and wondered if his girls would enjoy Galileo. They decided to give Galileo a try and haven’t looked back since.

The role Galileo’s daily check-ins plays in their lives

The Taihuttu family’s nomadic lifestyle does at times make it difficult for Joli, Juna, and Jessa to attend Galileo’s daily check-ins.

Didi highlights the fact that Galileo students are free to come and go based on their life happenings. There is no penalty for missing class or needing to take a day, week, or even month away from Galileo’s learning community.

It is completely up to students and their families to decide their schedules. Imagine that!

In the beginning of their participation with Galileo, the Taihuttu kids thought that they wouldn’t attend daily check-ins regularly. As it turns out, they really enjoy the social interaction that the check-in experience provides.

Galileo students are able to connect with each other, learn from one another, and inspire each other during daily check-ins. Students form tight-knit bonds with each other and their facilitators.

These students and facilitators from all over the world have created an online learning community that simply cannot be matched.

Socialization outside of the conventional classroom setting is undoubtedly possible and Galileo is a testament to that.

The Taihuttu’s oldest daughter, Joli, is especially fond of daily check-ins and their youngest daughter, Jessa, also likes to attend. Their middle daughter, Juna, goes through phases when she is and isn’t interested in attending.

The flexibility Galileo offers is absolutely key.

Galileo offers a learning experience that is tailored to each individual student and is in alignment with the decentralization of education. Young people and their families can make their own decisions about how they spend their time, what they learn, and what is meaningful to them.

With Galileo, as with Bitcoin, individuals can have full authority over their own lives.

Check out Galileo's website to learn more about our students and their learning journeys.

The benefits that come with the structure of Galileo

Romaine and Didi explain that their kids do like a bit of structure, which is true of many children. They feel that Galileo is helpful for providing some structure for their daughters while still allowing for flexibility.

As parents, they appreciate Galileo’s unique structure as it creates a situation where they do not have to “police” their children’s learning.

They can simply let their daughters find and explore their passions and witness them enjoying their learning experiences.

The future for their children's decentralized education

Joli, Juna, and Jessa like to try different things and explore various interests. They are not currently sure what their futures will look like and this is perfectly fine. Juna, for example, is into cosmetology at the moment.

The passions of young people are always evolving and Galileo supports this evolution.

Galileo’s many facilitator-led clubs and robust offerings of student-led clubs create a space where students can explore their interests. They can find other like-minded individuals to discuss with and learn from. Students are free to join and leave clubs whenever they’d like. This allows for an individualized, self-directed experience.

For more information about Galileo’s approach to education, visit us here.

The Taihuttu kids' decentralized life and interest in Bitcoin

Didi explains that his daughters enjoy learning about Bitcoin and witnessing what it can do for good causes. Unfortunately, there are few women in the crypto world and Bitcoin space at this time. For this reason, it has been a bit difficult to get his girls fully on board.

As time goes on, more women are entering the Bitcoin space and are making their positive impacts. For example, Kiara Bickers (writer, autodidact, and systems thinker) has written a very well-received book entitled “Bitcoin Clarity." It provides readers with a complete beginner’s guide to understanding Bitcoin and the decentralization of money.

As more women like Kiara make their marks in the cryptocurrency world, more young women like the Taihuttu girls will feel less intimidated and more comfortable joining the space and finding their niche, if the desire is present.

Didi has made sure that his daughters have an awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the importance of having full control of one’s money.

He believes that physical cash will evolve into digital cash, such as Bitcoin. This currency will be separate from the centralized banking system, which could lead to the decentralization of power, authority, and government. This is a hope for many Bitcoiners and digital nomads.

Digital nomads, decentralization and self-directed education

Didi tells us that he believes in 10-15 years, 30% of the population will be digital nomads. This lifestyle will allow people to move whenever they want and maintain proper control of their own lives.

Didi feels that Galileo is the perfect educational option for digital nomads and their lifestyle.

Galileo provides the unique and amazing opportunity for students ages 8-18 to create their own learning plans, lean into their interests and passions, and be a part of a global community of life-long learners.

It is not surprising that the worlds of decentralized education and decentralized economics are in harmony with one another and incredibly connected.

Those who want full control of their money also usually desire full control over their children’s schooling and learning. Or, better yet, they hope to hand that control over to their children. This is where self-directed education comes in.

Galileo fulfills this hope and supports a decentralized lifestyle.

The Taihuttu family is a wonderful example of how these two worlds can combine and create a truly amazing lifestyle full of unforgettable experiences, heartfelt family connection, and life-long learning.

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